What does Cocoonais mean?

Cocoonais is a made-up, French word, meaning: “I was cocooned”. The Cocoonais philosophy is that we all deserve to break free from whatever is holding us back. Unfortunately, sometimes that is too hard to do all on our own. That’s why we ask for the help we need.

The Translation

Cocoonais means: “I was cocooned”.

Think about a butterfly. Before the butterfly becomes a butterfly, it lives in its cocoon. That’s the kind of cocoon we’re talking about. Cocoonais means that you or me were cocooned like this, but then we broke free.

That’s what the name Cocoonais is supposed to say. Even the logo is supposed to incorporate this, with its depiction of a butterfly.

The Meaning and Philosophy

The meaning of Cocoonais then is the idea of breaking free from whatever is holding us back. We are all different, and so are our lives. So the things holding us back are different too. It could be whatever, really. Yet, what we focus on here is how we feel, and then naturally we focus on mental health.

The Cocoonais philosophy is that we all deserve to free ourselves from whatever is holding us back, and live healthy, meaningful and happy lives. Be it depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder, or guilt or grief. Maybe it’s something more concrete entirely, like money trouble or unemployment.

Whatever it is, Cocoonais believes in a better future. And that we ourselves are in the center of our own lives. If we want to change for the better, we can do that – We should do that! We know this can be incredibly hard, though. So, we ask for help!

The Nerdy Stuff

To be honest, we don’t really know if any French speakers would ever express themselves this way. What we’ve understood though, is that a cocoonais is the conjugated form of the verb, cocooner. Follow this link to see a list of how to conjugate the verb cocooner.

It’s conjugated in a tense called l’indicatif imparfait. That’s a past tense, and it’s conjugated the same way in both first and second person: Je cocoonais for the first person, and Tu cocoonais for the second person. This means, “I was cocooned” and “you were cocooned”.

So, the word “Cocoonais” doesn’t really tell us if it was you or I who broke free from that cocoon of ours. We could be talking about you. We could be talking about me. Or we could be talking about the phenomenon of breaking free.

Anyway, the word Cocoonais incorporates the Cocoonais philosophy, which is all about making changes for the better – Make a change, and ask for help! And if you ever want to use the word, feel free. Now you know what it means. And it’s worth 13 points in Scrabble.


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Cocoonais is all about taking care of your mental health. That's why we created an online course on How to Ask for Help. The course is all about tips and experiences regarding taking that first, important step - Asking for Help. To visit the course, click How to Ask for Help in the menu.