Share Your Story!

The purpose of Cocoonais is to help people make changes to their lives. We know that too many people, all around the world, are suffering in silence. Some are going through some hard times. Others are developing mental illnesses. Yet, so many don’t get the help that they need. At Cocoonais we want that to change, and we believe your story can be motivating and inspiring for many.

If you'd like to share your story, and motivate people to embark on a journey towards a better life, we'd love to listen. We'd love to hear about what kind of troubles you faced, and especially how you managed to overcome them.

If you have a story to share, please contact us! We’d love to know what you’ve learned!

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Cocoonais is all about taking care of your mental health. That's why we created an online course on How to Ask for Help. The course is all about tips and experiences regarding taking that first, important step - Asking for Help. To visit the course, click How to Ask for Help in the menu.