Cocoonais Fredrik

HI, I’M Fredrik

This is a website I set up to talk about mental health. Specifically, I want to talk about asking for help.

We know that many don’t ask for help when it comes to mental health issues. It’s not always easy to explain why people don’t ask for the help they want and need.

I don't care what you did, or what happened to you! All I care about is how you feel. And I don't think you deserve to feel this bad. You deserve to feel good too!

I’m no doctor. No psychologist. I’m just someone who experienced first hand what it’s like to not get the help I needed.

When I realized that almost 40% experience the same – almost 40% out of everyone struggling with mental health issues don’t tell anyone – I wanted to do something to help. My contribution is to share with you some of what I learned on my way to feeling better.

There’s a lot of possibilities out there! But the first step is to ask for the help you want.

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You really shouldn’t get in touch with me. Chances are, that if you’re visiting this website, you’re looking for some kind of help. What I want for you to do is to ask for that help.

How you choose to do that is up to you – we’re all different. Maybe you’d prefer to open up to someone close to you. Or maybe you’d be better off asking your doctor what kind of help is available in your area.

If you do wanna drop me a line, though, feel free to do so. Either it’s constructive criticism or you want to share your story, it’s all good§